Sustainability lies at the core of URBN. From concept to operations, we make choices that do not compromise the earth and environment. In our development of URBN we used recycled and reclaimed local materials. Energy-efficient technologies and heating and cooling systems have been installed, and organic products are used for cleaning and maintenance.

URBN is proudly China’s first carbon neutral hotel. In partnership with Roots & Shoots, a local NGO; we have embarked on The Million Tree project where we purchase trees for planting in a desertified Inner Mongolia forest so as to offset carbon emissions. Through encouraging friends, partners and guests to do the same, we hope to grow our very own URBN forest.

For our dedication to the environment and sustainable business approach, URBN is also the recipient of numerous awards.

  • Hotels create 1.9 billion lbs of waste each year 
  • Hotels create 1.9 billion lbs of waste each year Green Standard Buildings send 50-75% less waste to landfills 
  • Hotels use 84.7 billion kwh/ year, enough to power 64.5 million TVs
  • Energy Reduction of 10% would save 8.47 billion kwh year
  • Hotels use 219 billion gallons/ year
  • Green Hotels could save 64.7 gallons/ year. Enough water to fill 99,545 Olympic-size swimming pools
  • Hotels produce 60 million tons of CO2/year
  • Green Hotels Reduce CO2 output by 10%, Equal to planting 1.1 million acres of pine trees 
  • Buildings account for 40% of worldwide energy consumption