Jay Godfrey, New York based celebrity designer lends his signature flair to URBN’s interior revamp launched in January 2014. Godfrey seeks to maintain URBN’s unique position as an urban sanctuary cum boutique hotel in the heart Shanghai, but update it with his personal touch to create a more contemporary and minimalist environment. 

Recognizing the hotel’s sustainable roots, Godfrey has created a modernist zen experience for our guests. A soothing neutral color palette has been adopted throughout the hotel, which also enhances the natural beauty of the recycled and reclaimed wood materials.

By playing with textures and surfaces, Godfrey injects a dose of sensuality to URBN. Light fixtures with eco-friendly origins are adopted to provide sleek, and sensual lines.

The use of rich silks and luscious velvets in the hotel’s draperies and upholstery lends a minimalist yet elegant touch. Contemporary photography depicting local culture and botanicals that pay homage to URBN’s base in Shanghai and green roots can be found throughout the hotel.

Godfrey’s vision is reflected not only in the design of the rooms but in subtle touches throughout the guest experience. Personally curated coffee table books, plush bathrobes and invigorating bath amenities are only a few examples that complete his storytelling. 

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